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Things to Consider When Buying an Electronic Signature

It is true for most businesses that paperwork is an involving task. Small and midsized businesses take a lot of time in paperwork that the statistics say that approximately 28 percent of the businesses fall into this category. It is also considered by another survey that the small and midsized business accumulatively lose billions of dollars per year by spending averagely four hours a week on administrative paperwork. Technology as always being the leading factor of change has greatly impacted this sector by offering new solutions. Businesses are moving from manual, paper-driven processes to automating the organization’s signature process needs. It is recommended that one gets an electronic signature. To get an electronic signature, you have to acquire the services of an e-signature vendor that will help you and your customers adopt to it. When buying an electronic signature, you should consider factors such as specification and cost of the signature and the reputation of the vendor. The purpose of this article is to clearly highlight some of these aspects.

The specification of the signature should be considered as a factor when getting one. There are many types of electronic signatures being sold by different vendors thus getting the right e-signature vendor that meets your specific needs. An electronic signature that integrates into the different tools your business uses is the right one for you. You should also ensure that the signature is compatible on the web and different operating systems to enable seamless mobile experience. How secure the electronic signature is, is a matter to be considered to ensure your business’s information is secure. From the signer’s email address, device IP address, document fingerprint, and timestamp, is the entire process involved in auditing trails.

The factor of reputation of e-signature vendor should be considered before acquiring its services. An e-signature vendor that offers good quality services earns a good reputation. An e-signature vendor that has been in the industry for a favourable amount of years is the right one. To know about the reputation of the e-signature vendor, you should seek referrals from close associates. You can also know about the reputation of the vendor from peer-to-peer review sites. The online profiles of e-signature vendors also help one know about their services and recognitions if any.

When buying an e-signature from a vendor it is also important to consider the factor of cost. Different e-signature vendors offer different prices for their products. Some of the extra services that e-signature vendors offer are exclusive reimbursement guarantees and free remote installation. You should buy an electronic signature from a vendor that accommodates your budget. To save you more money, it is best that you get an e-signature.

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